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Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend Natalia as a photographer. She is always professional, kind and helpful during our sessions.

I always feel comfortable when I stand in front of her camera.

If you want to have great photos, definitely choose Natalia.

Natalia is a very professional photographer, she is kind and makes her pictures real and natural. She volunteered many times at our Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue charity to make pictures of our rescue dogs, so we can find loving homes for them. She even travelled to Hungary to help bring awareness with her photographs visiting crowded shelters and horrible pounds. Her kindness and gentleness shows in her profession.

Whenever I work with Natalia, the atmosphere is always amazing and the approach is always original and professional. Natalia makes sure you feel comfortable and confident during the shoot and it allows to get even better end-results.

Kinga Weclawska
Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue
Karolina G
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